The Technological Park of Mato Grosso is an enterprise created and managed with the objective of promoting research and innovation in the technological area and stimulating cooperation between research institutions, universities and companies.

The Park plays a key role in the development of technological innovation within the state of Mato Grosso. It seeks to maximise the commercial development of technological innovations generated and developed by education institutions, in partnership with local companies and entrepreneurs.

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The agribusiness covers the entire agricultural production chain: from farm to end consumer, across a wide range of goods and services.


Biotecnologia é uma ciência aplicada que integra conhecimentos das Ciências Naturais e de Engenharia para o processamento de materiais e substâncias por agentes biológicos para a obtenção de produtos e serviços.

Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology relates to the processing of data and information resources. It seeks to optimise the knowledge held within business information and to drive the commercialisation of business opportunities.


In Geosciences, the natural science of Geology is further enhanced through the application of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The understanding of the natural environment of the planet and how this interacts with a diversity of Biology can be developed using a wide range of tools and analysis.

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry is defined as ‘the creation, the development and the applicability of chemistry products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use and the production of harmful substances to human health and environment.”

Ambientes de Inovação

Parques Tecnológicos são ambientes de inovação, é típico que os parques se localizem próximos a universidades e centros de pesquisa, geradores de conhecimento e, principalmente, de recursos humanos altamente qualificados. Essa proximidade gera sinergias e oportunidades.  Dessa forma, busca-se a atração de empresas que possam atuar em simbiose com outros empreendimentos do Parque e demais empresas da região.


36 public and private institutions joined together to create the Strategic Guidelines of the State of Mato Grosso. These included experts in science, technology and innovation from a diverse range of backgrounds. Collaborating together within 5 working groups the participants developed the following guidelines. The Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Secretary of Planning have established these guidelines into 5 Pillars that you can download (in Portuguese) below
Enterprise is the core aim - drawing together key participants from business, education, research and State government. The park will focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through the effective training of people, supply of laboratory space, R&D facilities and a comprehensive teaching structure to attract high quality public and private institutions.

Priority Areas for the Technological Park to focus on include, cosmetics, renewable energy, the creative economy. Over time these Priority Areas will develop into a dynamic and thriving base for new economic activity.

The park will host companies that will provide basic and specialized services including business consulting, shared labs, printing services including both offset and 3D printing. In addition, there will be a park community food court, cultural lounges, break out zones, leisure spaces and amenities. Free wi-fi keeps the park communicating. Additional facilities will include a bank, post office, hotel and convenience stores.
The Park will provide high quality, attractive infrastructure for resident companies. The Industrial Park will look to host companies with the same industrial dynamic of others in the Mato Grosso region strengthening the region’s industrial strategy.


Mato Grosso lança prêmio para empreendedores que atuam na gestão de inovação e tecnologia


Seciteci abre inscrições para a XIII Mostra Estadual de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação


Secretário propõe parceria com a Embaixada de Israel para reforçar ações tecnológicas em MT


Abertas as inscrições para a primeira Maratona Hackamt de Soluções Tecnológicas


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